Saturday, June 15, 2024

Air Purification

Safe Haven Air Technologies is proud to represent RGF Environmental Groups world leading air purification technologies here in Canada.

We are more than happy to announce that the REME HALO system that you can win is the first and only commercial product validated by third-party testing to confirm actual airborne inactivation of 99.96% of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles and aerosols.

The REME-Halo air purification system provides whole home coverage, uses no chemicals or harmful substances and works by producing and maintaining similar concentrations of hydrogen peroxide molecules as those found in our outdoor air.  When coming into contact with microbials, the naturally occurring molecules break them down, destroy them and then revert them back to harmless water vapour and oxygen. This air purification technology produces 1 quadrillion of these molecules every second, quickly killing any airborne virus or bacteria on contact.

The main advantage…

REME HALO does not need the pollutants to travel to it for treatment.  REME HALO is proactive and sends ionized aggressive advanced oxidizers into the home to destroy pollutants at the source, in the air and on surfaces before they can reach anyone in the indoor space.

The state-of-the-art REME HALO air purification technology has been extensively studied for efficacy at eliminating 99+% of viruses and bacteria.  H1N1, Avian influenza, TB, Salmonella, Strep (group A strep and S. Pneumoniae) have all been tested along with Legionella, C-diff and MRSA.  These microbes are also susceptible to this technology.  Chemical compounds and odors are more rapidly eliminated.  90+% of mold and yeast are eliminated as well.

The major difference between this technology and other available air purifiers, is the immediate, real time reduction in microbes inside the entire house all the time. This advanced air treatment system is installed in your furnace air duct allowing its natural oxidizers to circulate 24/7/365 to inactivate 99.9% of any virus or bacteria in the air or on surfaces.

The winner of the REME HALO air purification system will be responsible for installation by a qualified HVAC installation company. Please visit us at to learn more.