Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Canada’s Local Gardener Podcast Season 2

Talk about WildflowersEpisode 3: Talk about wildflowers

Hosts Dorothy and Shauna Dobbie talk to Kelly Leask about the wonderful world of wildflowers. Wildflowers nourish bees and other pollinators Kelly Leask of Prairie Originals tells us. They attract butterflies and help the natural ecosystem flourish among the exotics we plant in our gardens.


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CLG Podcast S2Ep2 Invasive Insects on TreesEpisode 2: Invasive Insects on Trees

Dorothy and Shauna talk with arbourist Ryan Statham about invasive insects and trees. Ryan is an arbourist with Davey Canada, a company that specializes in urban forestry. Trees of all kinds hold a special interest for Dorothy, a member of the Tree Canada board.
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veseys seed and what's new for spring 2022Episode 1: Veseys Seeds and Spring 2022

John Barrett started with growing sunflowers on two acres with the vague idea of selling sunflower seeds, but that first year was a disaster with the birds being the biggest beneficiaries of all that hard work. John was never a quitter and he persevered. Several years later, he was growing 60 acres of sunflowers and found himself on the acquisition list of one of PEI’s major businesses: Veseys Seeds.


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