Friday, July 19, 2024

Flora & Fauna Podcast

Episode 7: Growing Bamboo with Garry Hedberg

Bamboo is a kind of plant in the grass family (Poaceae) with over 100 genera. Most of them are tropical, but a few will survive and even thrive in Canada. Garry Hedberg and his wife Brenda had several clumps of them growing in South Surrey, in the Vancouver area, some as tall as 60 feet. 


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Episode 6: Peace Garden

Dorothy Dobbie is the originator of Canada’s Local Gardener magazine, a former Member of Parliament, President of the International Peace Gardens on the border of Manitoba and North Dakota…


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Episode 5: Houseplant

Darryl Cheng is an industrial engineer who became interested in houseplants a few years ago. He would do time-lapse videos of his plants on social media, and that led to a huge Instagram following and book deals, including his popular book The New Plant Parent.


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Episode 4: Indigenous Gardening

Mehdi Sharifi is a research scientist at the Summerland Research Station in British Columbia and Dana Johnson was a research assistant there who was partially responsible for developing the first federal Indigenous Demonstration Garden at the site. Shauna Dobbie, editor of Canada’s Local Gardener magazine, talked to them both about planning and instituting the garden.


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Episode 3: Garlic

Greg Auton is a garden writer and podcaster from Nova Scotia who grows hundreds of garlic plants every year. Although he is a very prolific writer, has a family of four and maintains a 2500-square foot vegetable garden, these are things he does in his spare time, when he is not working as a civil servant.


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Episode 2: Sweet Potatoes

Tiffany Grenknow started to plant sweet potatoes in 2012. In 2014, Grenkow sold 3,000 sweet potato slips and approached two Winnipeg garden centres who agreed to sell them to their customers. Over the years, Grenkow expanded her production, yet her crop consistently sold out online before the season began. 


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Episode 1: Apples

Bob Osborne is a grower of apple trees in New Brunswick and he has recently published Hardy Apples: Growing Apples in Cold Climates. This book tells you not only all about how apples grow and how you can encourage them, but also talks about over 90 cultivars of apples that are hardy to Zones 2, 3 and 4, which means that most Canadian gardeners will be able to grow at least a few.


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