Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Best Gifts for Gardeners

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Here are a few things on my wish list this Christmas.

A better way to pick up leaves. I love raking leaves in the fall—for the first hour, anyhow. What I hate is trying to get them into yard waste bags. I think it’s time to get me a pair of these Releaf Leaf Scoops.

Let my light shine. I’m okay with using my little light strips for starting a few seeds, but I’d like to try growing some legit cucumbers inside over the winter. Step one is to get the right light, so I’m asking for the Vivosun VS 1000 Grow Light. This size is good for three or four plants in 3-gallon pots.

Warm my heart. A fire pit would get me through the cold winter for sure! The Fire Pit Sphere from fissfire is just the ticket. It burns wood (heavenly scent!) and is entirely enclosed in a screen, which makes it safer. Plus it includes a grill so you can cook on it!

Play a soulful sound.. I never did care for the tinkle of most wind chimes, but the deep bellowing gong of bigger ones I find so haunting. Astarin Large Wind Chimes promises the kind of sound I’m looking for.
Click on the picture to hear it.

Gimme a drink. A Haws watering can is something I really want, but I can’t justify the expense when I’m buying so many plants (and soil and manure and trellises and pots and… ) in the spring. So how about at Christmas? It comes with a 10-year warranty, so I won’t be buying another one next year, or possibly ever!

Something sharp. Pruners is another thing I tend to buy in the spring when I’m cash poor. This year I’d
like a pair of Felco pruners, which are built to last. They’re made of high-quality hardened steel, which is what you’re looking for. Please, Santa?

You can dig it. With this, you can: a hori hori knife. These are great for digging out weeds, for planting
bulbs and for transplanting. This particular one is really robust with a tang that goes the length of the
beechwood handle. One edge is sharpened, the other is serrated, and there is a gauge in inches and
millimeters along the side. Also? It comes with a leather sheath and a sharpening rod.

A book to dream on. Garden: Exploring the Horticultural World could be the most beautiful book
published this year. Filled with images, from photos of sculpture to paintings to illustrations to film stills,
this book does a really good job of encompassing the whole world history of gardening, from the Garden of Eden on. Each image is accompanied by a few thought-provoking paragraphs. I have seen a digital copy for reviewers and I was blown away.