Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Local Gardener

Great! The first-ever garden fashion show is on in Winnipeg.


Fleur de Villes (flowers of the cities), the first-ever garden fashion show happening in Winnipeg, made its debut at The Leaf today. Similar shows have been mounted in 23 cities across 5 countries, but this is the first one for Winnipeg. Visitors are expected to embark on a spectacular journey filled with joy and pleasure.

As a Vancouver, Canada based floral show brand, Fleurs de Villes is the dream child of two incredible women, Tina Barkley and Karen Marshal. Up to now it has produced more than 85 unique floral shows, uniting over 800 floral artists in major destinations across Canada, the States, England, Scotland and Australia. Similar shows have been exhibited in many major cities known as fashion icons, including but not limited to New York, Chicago and Montreal.

Now it’s taking place at The Leaf, the Garden of the Year, which brings a visual feast to Winnipeggers. What you see here is the floral installation artwork, by 15 local talented floral designers and artists, everyone from the 100-year-old Broadway Florists to one-year-old vendors in business, inspired by Manitoba’s diverse multi-cultural heritage, are taking part in presenting a series of beautifully dressed mannequins in fresh flowers.

The floral show will last until January 21, next Sunday. It is included with regular admission to The Leaf. Be sure to check the traffic and book your tickets online before you go.

Photography/Dorothy Dobbie

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