Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Flora and Fauna

New this fall! Try it today.

Flora and Fauna is a weekly zine-ette, featuring a completely new Ten Neat Things, a Garden Fresh Recipe, and a new Flora and Fauna Podcast. In addition, Flora and Fauna includes a photo spread of a garden somewhere in Canada for your viewing pleasure, as well as a Tip of the Week.

Ten Neat Things is an annotated list of 10 details, facts or quirks you probably didn’t know about some aspect of Flora, Fauna and the natural world. Canada’s Local Gardener magazine Editor Shauna Dobbie delivers these bits of scientific research and age-old wisdom that you can entertain people with at parties.

Each Garden Fresh Recipe from the President of Canada’s Local Gardener, Ian Leatt, features a new recipe with something you can grow or pick up at the store.  Ian trained in the kitchens of the Island of Jersey, working with some of the best chefs including Peter Marek, winner of gold and silver medals at the Culinary Olympics and other prestigious international awards. His recipes are perfect for throwing a dinner party where you deliver your Ten Neat Things fount of knowledge!

And the Flora and Fauna Podcast is a brand new audio series from Shauna where she interviews an expert on a given topic, like apples you can grow in Canada, or the pre-Columbian Mexican chinampa tradition of planting crops, or an Indigenous garden in BC. Thoughtful and engaging, you will find yourself considering the topics and people covered beyond the hour-long discussion.

This zine-ette is brought to you by the people who have produced Canada’s Local Gardener magazine (and its predecessors) for 25 years. It is an ideal break for the gardener, the cook, or anyone who loves some edifying material you didn’t know you didn’t know.