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Off the Wall On the Fence

Custom Weatherproof Outdoor Art Prints

Off the Wall On the Fence was an idea conceived in our own backyard – literally!

It was September 2018, good friends had been over for a bbq, and now in the warmth and quiet of the later summer evening we were happily reflecting while finishing off a bottle of wine. We couldn’t help but notice how taken our friends were with the artwork that hung on our backyard fence – big, colourful memories of holidays, favourite beaches and glorious flowers.

They assumed we were hanging canvas wrapped prints that we picked up somewhere along the way.  In fact, we had printed them ourselves.  After renovating our small, urban backyard in 2015, we had one old lean-to fence and one brand new fence, and it all looked like a blank canvas to us.   So, with my husband’s 30 years plus experience in the printing, we realized we could create interest and drama without taking up any extra space.  We chose photos directly off of our iPhones, including some of our favourite travel spots, our love of Monarch butterflies and flowers, etc, and transformed our space from a simple backyard into an outdoor living oasis.  The large art prints helped us to create distinct spaces, including an outdoor dining room, an outdoor living room and fabulous tiki bar.

Our prints had been outside for almost 5 years at that stage and we were pleased to note that they remained as beautiful as the day we installed them.  Thus, the idea of Off the Wall On the Fence was conceived.

As Canadians focus on renovations to enhance their surroundings both indoors and out, and vacations become staycations for the foreseeable future, our goal is to help them transform, beautify and personalize their backyard and patios all year round.

Our artwork is printed on commercial-grade ABS plastic, and we use UV-treated inks.  As a result, our prints are designed to withstand weather extremes – from minus 30c to plus 30c in rain, snow and direct sun.  While others claim to have outdoor art or weatherproof art, the fact is canvas wrapped prints and other similar materials degrade over time with moisture, mold, wind and heat and often don’t last for more than one season. Our custom art prints are superior quality and we guarantee them outdoors in all seasons for 5 years. Your art print is delivered to your door and includes a re-usable template to make installation easy.  Once you’ve installed it outside, it stays outside.  And there’s nothing like looking out your back window in January and basking in the warmth of a colourful, gorgeous floral print.

Through our simple customization tool on our website, we’ve made it easy for you to upload your own pictures and create a truly personal space.  If you are a fine art lover, we have created a proprietary program, Artists Outdoors, where we feature talented Canadian artists and an exclusive selection of their works for reproduction.  We’ve also built a Collections Gallery with gorgeous images for every passion – from Zen gardens to horses to sunsets on the beach!

All of our artwork is proudly made in Canada and we ship anywhere in Canada absolutely free.  We are very excited to be partnering with Canada’s Local Gardener, who are as passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces as we are!  By inputting the code Garden5 at checkout, we’re pleased to offer 5% off of all your purchases.

Lisa Hartley
Off the Wall On the Fence