Monday, June 17, 2024
Garden Design Ideas

Outdoor decorating trends

This season is all about bringing the comfort of the indoors outside with these outdoor decorating trends. By Tania Moffat
Make the outdoors your entertaining headquarters this summer.

Add lighting for ambiance.

Outdoor gas hearths extend the season. (Pegasus photo.)

Minimalist furniture is in.

Use containers to create that ‘homey’ feel.

Classic and romantic bistro set.

Small is big this year. Why not add a fairy garden? (Pegasus photo.)

Comfy and chic sitting areas adorned with bright, fun coloured accent rugs and pillows, lavish lanterns and soft outdoor lighting are what you can expect to trend this summer. The “outdoor room” is no secret for avid gardeners who love the outdoors and we’ll be able to find all the accessories we long for in stores.

Fire pits and outdoor gas hearths are all the rage. They add charm and allow homeowners to enjoy the season late into the evenings and long into the cooler fall months. Set up a conversation area nearby with comfortable seats and accessorize it with accent rugs or carpet. Outdoor furniture trends for 2015 lean towards metal and weathered wood pieces with brightly coloured, all-weather materials and cushions! It’s all about colour − turquoise, yellow, large florals and stripes are all in fashion. Add a coloured canvas awning, drape blowsy material from a pergola or add fairy lights to surrounding trees to enhance that magical outdoor feeling.

Outdoor design

This summer outdoor decor is taking a step beyond the basic. Accents are a must have. Moss topiaries, whimsical barn wood accents, and rustic metals are making a comeback. Chandeliers, outdoor mirrors, lanterns, candles, terrariums and tons of planters will make any outdoor room the ideal spot to get cosy or entertain friends.

Both romantic and minimalist furniture are trending this year, so you can create a room you will adore. Muskoka or Adirondack chairs have not lost their charm and are now available in durable recycled materials that look like wood and sport outlandish colours. If you want to create your own unique sitting area with mismatched furniture try painting them in a bright turquoise or yellow to tie the look together. Homeowners are looking for value and durability as they design their outdoor paradise to enjoy for years to come.


As the 18-34 year olds take on gardening with gusto eco-chic gardens are on the rise. As passionate about the planet as they are about their gardens, millennials are integrating plants that attract birds, butterflies and bees, and reviving native plant usage. The design and implementation of rain gardens is also on the rise as movements to be water wise and reduce ground water contamination gain momentum.

One of the most interesting trends this year is the cocktail garden. Attractively planted herbs surround outdoor seating areas for fresh cocktail flavour infusions when entertaining outdoors. You can add an outdoor bar cart to really amp up this trend.


Little is big again this year as gardeners embrace fairy gardens, terrariums and all kinds of innovative succulent plantings. These little gardens and living decor can be used to accent outdoor rooms all season and then brought indoors to enjoy throughout the cold winter months. Micro-greens are also hot this year. A favourite for foodies and health conscious gardens they are chock full of vitamins and go from seed to plate in two weeks.

For gardeners who want it all − vegetable gardens are no longer shunned, placed in hiding behind the home. Colourful new vegetable varieties and old standbys are growing alongside beautiful flowers in the garden beds − edible landscaping is on the rise! Insert your veggies in with the flowers; add fruit trees and bushes to your landscape design, there are no limits to these pretty and practical combinations. Still want a traditional type of vegetable garden? Raised beds of veggies interspersed with insect repelling marigolds and nasturtiums are easier on the eyes and your back.

This year create an outdoor room that is all you. Be sure to take time to sit back and enjoy!

Rustic barnwood is making a comeback.