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Friday, May 24, 2024

Canadian Lily Hybridizers and their Lilies

Motivated by the beauty of her garden, known as “Alice’s Wonderland,” Leanne Dowd unveiled a comprehensive 400-page book detailing Lily Hybridizers. Holding the position of vice-president at the Manitoba Regional Lily Society, she has diligently curated a substantial personal collection of martagons and species lilies developed by Canadian hybridizers. Throughout spring, summer, and into fall, Leanne Dowd consistently encounters fresh blooms in her garden, fostering her passion for gardening.
If you are captured by lilies’ beauty and want to dive into the world of lilies, take this book home and discover more.
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Reviews from  readers

“This book is a must have”  Johan Mak, Scio, Oregon
“Leanne Dowd’s book is a first step reference for me . . .”     Chuck Robinson, North American Lily Society
“..overwhelmingly informative and richly illustrated . . .”    Jaap Hoogenbosch, Oak Hill Rare Bulbs, Dobiegnieu, Poland


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