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Soil Rejuvenation

Healthy garden soil needs a regular rejuvenation with organic fertilizers and or composts.
Healthy garden soil needs a regular rejuvenation with organic fertilizers and or composts.

Now that the days are starting to get longer it’s a great time to think about spring! You can start planning your yard now while you have lots of time. To start with you should plan how to enrich your soil everywhere by adding organic fertilizers and composts. As you feed the soil you will be feeding your plants! The healthier the soil the healthier the plants – it’s that simple. This also leads to more nutrition in your vegetables.

Very healthy plants can ward off insects and diseases better having been fed properly. Enriched soil helps plants deal with stresses of the growing season.

Here are some of the organic products that work very well in the soil:

Worm Gold. Want your seeds and seedlings to explode with exceptional growth? That’s what worm castings have been shown to do in recent exciting research in California. Now indoor or outdoor plants can be treated by working in a three cm (one inch) layer of worm castings around the plant. Growers should sprinkle one cm (1/4 inch) around the plant every six months.

Worm castings are the rich earthy-smelling waste matter of worms. Now available to gardeners in a dry granular form called Wormgold, the product contains lots of nutrients making it a perfect additive for soilless and potting mixes. Try it to treat prized plants and to spur remarkable growth of your seedlings!

Turkey Trot has helped these healthy green giant poplars.
Turkey Trot has helped these healthy green giant poplars.

Turkey Trot. In university tests, this has been rated one of the best organic fertilizers you can use. It consists of composted, deodorized granular turkey manure. Compared to commonly available inorganic fertilizers which only benefit plants, Turkey Trot will build up soil, making it better each year, providing vital micro-nutrients to everything you grow. Use sparingly – a little goes a long way. Use everywhere – lawns, vegetable and flower beds, when planting bulbs, etc. Composted for six to eight weeks at 120 to 160 F.

Clay Buster. Contains 21 per cent calcium and 16 per cent sulphur that will penetrate heavy clay soils and break up particles, allowing roots of plants to seek out rich nutrients that are usually abundant in such soils. A Manitoba Hutterite colony grows exceptional crops by applying Clay Buster each spring. One bag covers about a 1,000 square feet.

Sky Rocket. All natural soil enhancer. Helps to balance the soil so plants can jump out of the ground, healthier and happier and grow with less disease and insect problems. Just sprinkle a handful under each plant or tuber and watch them explode! Potatoes have less scab and insects. Tomatoes, peppers, glads, dahlias…any plant! All natural product contains kelp, Worm Gold, and activated charcoal.

Sizeable and healthy Spanish onions using Alfalfa Gold.
Sizeable and healthy Spanish onions using Alfalfa Gold.

Alfalfa Gold. A specially formulated blend of alfalfa meal, humic acid, Worm Gold Plus and bone meal that conditions and improves soil by adding back organic material and activating soil nutrients already present! All four ingredients work together giving an all-round boost to your growing medium organically! Everything in your garden will explode after applying – it is that good! Ideal for flowers and vegetables, fruit, containers of all types, and shrubs and trees. Easy to apply granular form, just mix in with soil and water in. Approximate application rate, two lbs per 25 square feet of garden.

By enriching your soil with any of these organic products you will have a healthier, happier garden! Stand back and watch the difference in growth – you will be impressed and amazed!

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