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Canada’s Local Gardener

Informative and inspiring

Canada’s Local Gardener is more than just eye candy — although it has plenty of that: lots of beautiful photos and useful illustration.

Canada’s Local Gardener Is an investment in the splendor and success of your garden, whether it be an expansive outdoor space or the tiny corner of your apartment.

Nor does it matter where you live across this great land. We offer something for everyone, from coast to coast, and we show you gardens from every province.

Topical and useful

We carry it all, from the down home, beautiful kitchen garden to the lovely and exotic ornamental flower garden. Lots of design ideas as well as tips and contacts.

We discuss plant disease, indoor tropicals and trees, and the birds and the bees, not to mention critter control, and off-beat topics such as raising chickens!

The WHY’S and HOW’S

How can you be successful if you don’t know why you do one thing or another? We answer the Why’s as well as the How’s and give you lots of fascinating and inspiring trivia as a bonus.

Staying current! We are your one-stop gardening shop

And, best of all, we are always here for you!

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A real person will answer the phone and try to help you!

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