Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Volume 4 Issue 4: The Water Issue is on its way to subscribers and newsstands!

Great news! The Water Issue of Canada’s Local Gardener is finally off the press and on its way to subscribers and newsstands!

Canada’s Local Gardener magazine is the magazine for all gardeners everywhere across the country, from beginners to experts. Four issues per year are available in print and digital subscriptions and as single copies on newsstands across the country. Canada’s Local Gardener features articles from the latest in new flower and vegetable hybrids to tried and true ways to plant and grow heirlooms. We also cover insects, wildflowers, weeds, trees, houseplants, design, and dealing with the challenges and joys all Canadian gardeners face.

Here's what's inside:


All about beans: how to grow them, different varieties, insects to watch for, growing for fresh vs dried.

Sweet peas

A non-edible legume! Growing these beauties in your garden, plus short stories about the history of them and lathyrism, a nasty disorder caused by eating them

Lisianthus - the prairie gentian

Did you know this rose look-alike is native to North America? In zone 8 and up, but you can grow them as annuals


Powdery mildew

Here are a handful of treatments you can try

Wildflower or weed: Sweet clover

Tall white or yellow spires of tiny flowers shoot up along roadways in the summer; where they are from and what there is to like about them

New Canadian Garden Hall of Fame

The Canadian Garden Council has announced 20 entrants to this new hall of fame

Catalpa trees

You might be able to grow one of these big beautiful trees

Caltapa flowers

How to increase your perennials for free

Dividing, layering, seeding and looking for sales are just some of the ways to get new perennials

Watering your garden

What to water, how much, when… all these are explained, along with how you can conserve water in your garden

Build a pond

Thinking about it? This rundown of what’s involved will help you decide

Add a rain garden

Ever heard of a rain garden? They are becoming more popular!

PLUS! Inside the beautiful gardens of:

Gloria Beck, Red Deer, Alberta

Adrien Clavet and Réjean Lyrette, Chelsea, Quebec

Gerry and Judy Gillcash, Moncton, New Brunswick