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The Birth Flowers of February

If you were born in February, you are associated with three birth flowers: the charming violets, the showy irises, and the dainty primroses. All of these flowers begin to bloom in early spring in the northern hemisphere.


Birth flower of February - Violets

Violets are renowned for their delicate beauty and fragrance, symbolizing humility and modesty. Other meanings attributed to violets include faithfulness, spiritual wisdom, and mourning.

The viola genus encompasses more than 500 species. While many people associate violets strictly with purple or blue, some varieties are cream-colored or yellow.

Birth flower of February - Irises

Irises, beloved by hummingbirds and butterflies, come in over 300 species. Ranging from purple to blue-purple, irises also come in other colors like pink, pale blue, yellow, and deep mauve. Gifting irises to someone with a February birthday conveys messages of faith, hope, courage, wisdom, admiration, and deep love.

Birth flower of February - Primroses

Primroses, with over 400 species (Primula vulgaris), typically produce yellow flowers. However, hybrid primroses come in various colors such as orange, blue, white, red, cream, and pink.

Sending primroses signifies a floral expression of newfound love. It’s a passionate declaration that you cannot imagine life without your new love.

Note: Most photos credit to Dorothy Dobbie.

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