Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Gardening trends

One of the wonderful things about gardening is its changeability in trends. No two years are ever the same and there is always something new to look forward to and get excited about. In keeping with nature’s dictates of change, each year we find ways to enjoy our surroundings even more.

But it’s all about harmony and health, too. People are turning more and more to the garden to find balance in their lives. Sustainable practices remain on trends and are second nature to young gardeners.

1. Young men in the garden

Some of the trends are quite surprising. Number one on that list is that young men, 18 to 35, are taking to the garden and spending as much as $100 more than the rest of us on making the experience to their liking. How are they doing this? They are grilling and barbecuing and growing their own hops. Young marrieds are taking their kids outside to play in the dirt as they learn more about the benefits of exposure to good bacteria in the soil.

2. Trees, trees, trees

Pick a tree, any tree; with all the imported tree pests and diseases depopulating our urban forests, replacing these lost garden ‘souls’ is very important. Tree planting is back on the top ten list.

3. Geometricals in the garden

Kidney-shaped garden beds still have their place, but variety is the trend and people are turning the beds in to half moon, triangles, and figure eights to complement the traditional squares, rectangles and circles.

4. Container elegance

Monochromatic planters are on trend, but knowing how to make a stunning container is about more than just colour. Mixing the right plants to provide texture and balance is just as important. Another trend: a black and white combination with a splash of vibrant colour. 

5. Edible fruits

People are fascinated by the idea of being able to grow food in their gardens. They are looking with interest at the patio fruits such as thornless raspberries, blueberries and everbearing strawberry baskets. High nutritional values figure in the choices here; super berries are used to make coolers and drinks. Haskap, sea buckthorn and goji berries are all on the interest list.

6. Planting from seeds

There is growing interest in doing it yourself, from scratch, and this is benefiting the seed sellers. This trends goes hand in hand with growing vegetables, where starting from seed is the most accepted trend.

7. At home in the garden

Garden spaces are becoming more and more extensions of indoor spaces which are largely abandoned in the summer time. Comfortable furniture, adorned with cushions and tables with cloths or placemats are a must in the garden. Ornaments, some of them practical for feeding the birds or trapping wasps, are everywhere, and so are bits of garden art in the form of suncatchers or fairy gardens.

8. Herbs and super foods

Herbs are now a staple in the garden and people are growing more varieties. There is also a trends towards more exotic veggies from other lands. 

9. Bees in the garden

There’s a new acceptance of the importance of pollinators and native bees are being welcomed to the garden with the establishment of bee houses for leaf cutter and mason bees. You can make your own, too. Bees will be very happy with the colour trend this year – they are often attracted to purple and violet!

10. Garden games

Garden parties are big; there is a return to the outdoors for summer entertainment. Think Victorian times with lawn bowling and tennis; bocce ball and badminton. It all goes with the furniture, the lighting, the general garden ambience that takes the stress out of everyday lives and provides us all with a sense of well being.