Monday, April 22, 2024
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Make your own houseplants

Have you ever thought, gee, that’s a great plant, maybe I should buy another? If you get this book, you won’t have to buy another, you can grow new plants from bits of the ones you already have.


The Propagation Handbook by Hilton Carter covers every aspect of propagating houseplants that you are likely to ever need. From stem cuttings to leaf cuttings to air layering, Carter gives simple instructions for each.

He also talks about a few things you can do with your babies-in-the-making. You can use them in place settings for a dinner party (a gift to take home) or make bouquets of cuttings for your home. 

The Propagation Handbook is going to be available next month, but you can pre-order it now !!!

The entire book is written in clear and friendly prose that will have you feeling like these methods for propagation are the easiest in the world—and they are; but following instructions can seem a little intimidating in so many other instances. Carter doesn’t get into rooting hormone powders or any such things. He just tells you what you need to do. And everything is accompanied by photos of his gorgeous plants.

Hilton Carter is a multi-stream personality (books, TV, websites, newspapers) best described today as an influencer. He does a weekly column called Plant Doctor on the website Apartment Therapy. 

His passion for plants started with one in particular, a fiddle-leaf fig he named Frank. When he moved into an apartment, he didn’t want to put curtains on the windows but decided to decorate with plants instead.

Carter has three other books available too:

Living Wild: How to Plant Style Your Home and Cultivate Happiness

Wild Creations: Inspiring Projects to Create plus Plant Care Tips & Styling Ideas for Your Own Wild Interior
Wild Interiors: Beautiful Plants in Beautiful Spaces