Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Manitoba Gardener presents

Manitoba Gardener is very proud to introduce Ye 2 Old Dogs.

Who are they? Gord a wood expert extraordinaire, finds the beauty in all things wood, mostly ‘old’ that can be recycled into something new. Ian, the younger of the 2 dogs ‘Still a pup’ so to speak, loves the dirt. Has a fascination with all things that grow, from flowers to shrubs, herbs to vegetables, he feels the need to play in the dirt. Always happy the 2 dogs met and the foundation of friendship was set.

Gord had an idea, Ian the eager younger pup always willing to try something new and learn at the same time, (A natural life-long learner). Would be his willing apprentice.

Through much laughter, many bruises, splinters, expletives and several cans of beer the 2 dogs decided to put lights on, let the cameras roll and film some of their hair brained ideas.

Over the next year the Manitoba Gardener will be featuring some of these ideas, through the use of ‘Layar’ technology we bring you the 2 Dogs to help with your loyalty and reading experience. So, if you don’t have the ‘Layar’ App, we suggest you get yourself prepared.

The Manitoba Gardener is also looking for ideas that we can have these 2 dogs try, if you have something, an idea that they can complete, let us know, I am sure they will give anything a go. From recycled and upcycled pallet boards to bathtubs in the yard we know you won’t let us down!

So to catch these 2 crazy old dogs, you need to subscribe to the Manitoba Gardener now…

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