Friday, May 24, 2024

More about Potatoes

How to save and store true potato seeds

After flowering, some pollinated potatoes will produce seeds, or true seeds as they are called to differentiate them from seed potatoes (cloning stock).

  • Pick the fruits (inedible and poisonous), when the little green bulbs are soft to the touch.
  • Cut the balls in half and squeeze the seeds into a container of water.
  • Ferment for three days.
  • Remove and strain through a sieve, keeping the seeds
  • Air dry
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • You can also put the fruits through a blender with water. Let the mixture settle. The seeds will fall to the bottom.

Best Picks

Kevin Twomey of T & T Seeds recommendations:


Dark Red Norland is the best early potato. Plant it every two weeks for season-long baby potatoes. Mature fruits store very well.


Purple Caribe, is purple-skinned and makes the best mashed.


Alta Blush is a new variety with a really creamy flavour and texture. They are ideal for mashing or boiling.


Yukon Gold is still a favourite. It has firm yellow flesh, perfect for baking or using in potato salads.


Linzer Delikatess is the best early fingerling type. It has very good flavour and it holds up well for boiling or salads.

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