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Volume 2 Issue 3

Canada's Local Gardener magazine volume 2 issue 3Canada’s Local Gardener Magazine Volume 2 Issue 3, the latest edition, is packed with information to help you get going this spring, and its available at a newsstand near you. Consult this issue while you’re planning your gardens and as you sink that spade into your soil!

Canada’s Local Gardener is all about our gardens here in Canada and how we grow them. It is about vegetables and flowers that thrive here and about people and animals who live among them. This is the magazine for people who simply love being in the garden.

Some stories covered in Volume 2 Issue 3:

50+ best plants for 2021. Our annual roundup of the plants that are new this year that we’re hoping to try. Vegetables, annuals, perennials, shrubs and roses. We can hardly wait!

Volume 2 Issue 3

Can you grow peanuts? Did you know that peanuts flower above ground but the seed forms underground? And did you know that it is possible to grow peanuts in some parts of Canada? Here is a guide.

Companion planting with flowers in the veggie patch. A follow-up to last issue’s story on which vegetables to plant together, this is about which flowers your vegetable garden should have, even if you don’t love flowers.

Volume 2 Issue 3

Help with hydrangeas. A little about the history of hydrangeas and help with how to make sure yours bloom.

Plus in Volume 2 Issue 3: information on peat moss, maple syrup production and woodpeckers. There are also three gardens profiled: artist Helen Stewart in Victoria, the charming garden of Kim Sinclair in Winnipeg, and the Japanese stylings of Jay Wesley in Halifax. And did you know that 2022 is slated to be the Year of the Garden in Canada?

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