Friday, July 19, 2024
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10 unique gifts for gardeners

When you’re tearing your hair out looking for something unique to check off another person on your gift list, always peruse Etsy. It’s my go-to at this time of year.
Here are some of the things I’ve found for gardeners… and one or two I’m hoping someone will get me!
Who isn’t a sucker for a basket of things? This one is really good because it contains all things any gardener wants. A good, heavy-duty apron with pockets. A cool little vegan leather notebook. Plant ID markers. And you can get it customized with the name or your recipient!
These gorgeous pictures come from Off the Wall On the Fence in Toronto. You can hang them anywhere outside and they will survive the rain, frost, snow, sun, wind… whatever the earth wants to throw at it. Check out their whole shop. It’s a beautiful way to jazz up your garden the whole year through.
These. Pots. Are. Gorgeous! And the drainage in the bottom is straight out of the 23rd century. The bottom is kind of mesh that prevents your plant roots from sitting in water. The pots are 3D printed and each one comes with a saucer. They also come in sizes from 8 inches to 16 inches high. 
This one is for crafty and patient people. It’s a 9-inch-high model greenhouse filled with books for you to build, and the end product is absolutely charming. You could either buy it and build it yourself (it takes 7 hours) for a gift or give the unassembled kit to a gardener for something to do through the winter. 


Sweet little birdhouses with ceramic entryways to prevent squirrels from chewing a bigger hole. The 1-1/4 inch hole is perfect for wrens and nuthatches, too. They come with an easy to open door on the back and a hanging loop on the top. 
I’ve been wanting to try growing mushrooms since I wrote about it for the magazine a couple of years ago. These kits are assembled by a Montreal shop and includes lion’s mane, pink oyster, blue oyster and Nevada blue oyster varieties. You can also get a grow tent with a hygrometer and spray bottle from them, which seems like an incredible deal.
A trowel and a watering can to say who you are… quietly. You can get them in gold or silver colouring (made of brass, gold and silver) and they are perfectly petite to fit into a stocking.

Christmas seed packets

You can get a 10-packet set of poppy seeds with various Christmassy designs on them. Darling!
Set of 5 porcelain plant markers, each 5-1/2 inches tall.
Each one is decorated with flowers, leaves or a different design. You write what the plant is on the back with a Sharpie.
This will let them know where you are in the spring, summer and fall! (Well, you’ll be wearing it so they’ll know where you are, but probably they’ll smile.)