Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Should I start a garden journal?


Looking into gardening journals this week for a story, I found myself thinking about it late into the night instead of going to sleep. This could just be the way to sate my creative impulses!
Old Farmer's Almanac


     At the basic end, there is this calendar that is meant for gardeners. Old Farmer’s Almanac put it out. It’s a basic calendar with nice botanical illustrations and a few articles about growing flowers.


At the other end, there are journals like this one from Endless Garden Planners Press. It’s packed with pages for gardening budget, suppliers’ info, garden layouts, monthly calendar, seed packet info, seeding log, plants log, pests and diseases control log… they seem to have thought of everything.
Gradener Planner Journal Book
But I saw a few videos of diy garden journaling, and I thought of the bullet journal stencils I’ve seen online. I could put them together…. I can buy stencils for flowers and vegetables (not as many as you might think) and a journal, bullet journal stencils, and some nice pens… like in the bullet journaling kit! But I’d still need the flower and vegetable stencils.
100 Pcs Plastic Stencils - Flower and Plant
100 Pcs Wood Stencils - Holiday
Bullet Dotted Journal Kit - Diary Schedule Planner


Do you keep a journal or a logbook of your garden? What do you like about it? If it’s pre-printed, what do you wish it contained that it doesn’t? I’ve been thinking of publishing a garden journal lately, and I’d like to hear what people want!
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